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UNIVERSAL OIL 200LT.BARRELApplications:Engine oil: SUTO 15w/30 is suitable for all fourstroke, naturally aspirated and turbochargeddiesel engines and four stroke petrol engines.Hydraulic oil: SUTO 15w/30 API CE/SF, API GL4, Mil-l-2104D, CCMC D4, DB227.1, DB228.1 Caterpillar Series 3, ZF TE-ML-06 + 07MIL-L-2105, Ford M2C 159 B2, Ford ESE-N2C-86A/B,ESN-86A/B, MF 1127A, M2C 134D, MF 1135, MF 1139,MF 1144, MF 1145, John Deere J20A, JD 303, J14Band JDM-J27A, Case MS 1206. IH B6. Allison C4. API