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DIESEL ENGINE OIL 5LTsHD30 and HD40 monograde engine oil are formulated for naturally aspirated (non-turbo) diesel engines on vehicles and off road engines. These oils may be used in petrol engines. Ideally suited to older design engines where a high detergent Series 3 type oil is not required.FEATURES:Excellent deposit control in varying operating conditions.Controls valve train wear in petrol engines.Particularly suited to older ZETOR tractor engines.Protects against oil thickening caused by oxidation.Particularly suited to Detroit and Gardner naturally aspirated engines.Recommended for some American design 2 stroke diesel engines where a HD40 oil is specified.SPECIFICATIONSAPI CC/SFMIL - L - 2104BMIL - L - 46152BFORD E SEE - N2C 1004A/SPM - 2C - 9104AG.M. DETROIT DIESEL CCMC DI