ATF DEXRON OIL 500ml transmission and power steering fluid

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ATF DEXRON OIL 500ml transmission and power steering fluidDESCRIPTIONTedcastles ATF Dexron I I is a modern High Performance Lubricating Oil for use in automatic transmissions, torque convertors and power steering systems.It is expressly formulated for filling and topping up automatic Transmissions, which specifically require the use of a product meeting the Dexron Specification and having extreme pressure properties.This product is also recommended for some Ford units. FEATURESLow coefficient of friction.Excellent Rust Resistance.Excellent Corrosion Resistance.Wide Operating temperature Range.Reduced Oil Drag.Good Anti-wear Characteristics.Good load carrying properties.Use Tedcastles Dexron III for specific applications.SPECIFICATIONSGeneral Motors GM 6137 MDaimler Benz 236.2/236.7Ford M2C 166HZF TE ML 09.11.14Allison C4