67/8210 (1/82)POWER/ST. PUMP

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67/8210 (1/82)POWER/ST. PUMP5ST/39919FOR Description 15L PSP E6NN3K514TA 82840627 30006FORD / NEW HOLLAND 6 CYLINDER 10 SERIES POWER STEERING PUMP TANK TYPE SINGLE POWER STEERING PUMP WITH INBUILT RELIEF VALVE SET TO 103.5 - 123 BAR Category HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMP Sub-category NON STANDARD S D GEAR PUMPS Manufacturer SAUER DANFOSS OEM /Part number Ford E6NN3K514TA99M/83959544 E1NN3K514AB E1NN3K514AA Machine Type Tractor Numbers on part 550130006 51