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3kg TIN MULTI-PURPOSE GREASESuitable for chassis, wheel bearings, hubs, universal joints and electric motor bearings.Good temperature toleranceEP2 Multipurpose Grease is a high quality extreme pressure multi purpose grease for use invarious types of machinery including nipple greasing and roller bearing applications. FEATURES Good all round grease with a no 2 consistency Excellent extreme pressure and anti wear performanceBlended using high quality base oils and selected additivesAppearance Smooth greaseColour Dark BrownNLGI classification 2Thickener Lithium SoapBase oil Blend of solvent refined mineral oilBase oil viscosity @40°C (IP71) cSt - 180Worked penetration (IP50) - 265 to 295Dropping Point (IP132) °C 185 min.Oil separation (IP121) % - 5 max.Copper corrosion (IP112) - PassResistance to corrosion Emcor (IP 220) - 0:0Water washout (ASTM D1264) @39°C % - 3Four Ball Weld Load (IP 239) kgs - 315Timken OK load (IP 326) lbs - 50