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1 GALLON MILKING /MACHINE OILTedcastles Milking Machine Oil is a premium quality vacuum pump oil blended from good quality base stock and selected additives to give excellent pump lubrication and protection. It meets the requirements of the leading milking machine pump systems utilised in Ireland. FEATURESAll round vacuum pump oil.Contains anti wear additives to improve pump life.Corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosionAntifoam characteristics.All round vacuum pump oil. PHYSICAL DATADensity at 15 oC, kg/litre 0.879Kinematic viscosityAt 40 oC,cSt 64.8At 100 oC, cSt 8.45Viscosity Index 100Flash Point, open oC 234Pour point, oC -30Neutralisation value, mg KOH/G